The Hardest Part of JJB

The part of Juggling Job and Business (JJBing) that I’m finding hardest to deal with is the one no book or website tells you about: I’m struggling with finding the motivation and discipline to work on my website everyday.

Every book, article or website I’ve read on the topic of starting your own business was full with optimism and promises of the riches to be made if you’re willing to try. Nobody tells you about the days you’ll come back from work exhausted, when all the motivation and ambitions you started with are nowhere to be found.

Take my day today. I’m back from work at 8pm, with the following to-do list to tackle as soon as I reach home:

  • Update Twitter profile.

  • Write post on how a negative credit score can affect your chances to keep/get a job.

  • Submit new article to Yahoo! submission page.

  • Move on with the two new books I’m reading (The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide, by Martin Weiss, and Twitter Power, by Joel Comm).

And all this before I even start thinking about making dinner…

In the end, I decide that sometimes it’s better to call it a day, and make sure to start the next one with renewed energy and drive to succeed.


  • Do you ever struggle with JJB?

  • What do you do on days like these?