My name in Kelly and I’m a JJB. During the day I work for a large financial company, doing a job that I love. In the evening I become my own boss and work at my laptop.

I have a very specific goal for the next 10 years: by then I will have made $1 million from my home business, my investments and my savings.

I bet anybody can think of hundreds of things they’d do with $1 million, and I’m no exception. But all my reasons can be summarized into one: $1 million will buy me freedom and choice:

  • the freedom to know that I keep my full-time job because I enjoy what I’m doing, not because I need to pay the bills.

  • the choice to work part-time without requiring my family to bear the financial consequences of losing more than half a wage. The choice to wake up late two days a week and double the time I spend with my husband and kids.

The road to $1 million is an ongoing process that for me started several years ago, when I began to read books about time management. Soon afterwards I moved on to those about personal finance. I learnt how to maximize my wage by making every dollar count. From there it was only a small step to the books that encouraged me to start my own business. I realized that I’d never be able to reach my goal by saving and investing my salary, and decided to take action.

This blog is the first step towards owning my own business. I don’t expect to make $1 million out of a few affiliate links, but I do hope it will teach me everything I need to know about websites: how to attract traffic, how to get backlinks, which marketing strategies work, and so on.

I also intend to turn my blog into a learning tool that all readers can benefit from. I’ll be documenting my whole learning process, recommending books that I’ve found helpful and warning against those that I didn’t.

If you have read up to here, you know a little more about me. If you’re starting a home business, especially if you’re a JJB, I’d like to hear from you too. Go ahead and share your story below. Or click here to learn more about what you can find in this blog.

2 Responses to “About me”

  1. Vinny Slavin Says:


    Hi, I too am a JJB. I just started a local home based technology assistance business called Square One (St Louis area). I am finding it hard to juggle my full time job, have time to market my business and still have time for clients.

    I’m looking forward to reading more into your blog and grab some tips for myself while I am here. Good luck with your adventure and thanks for keeping us all informed.

  2. ontheroadto1m Says:

    Hi Vinny,

    I was really grateful for your tweet suggesting the business book Go For No. I love to hear about books that have been helpful to other entrepreneurs, specially when I haven’t heard about them before, as it’s the case with this one. I’ll definitely be reading it, it’s going to be in my next order from Amazon.

    I wish you ALL THE BEST with your business, and I hope we’ll keep in touch and you let me know how Square One is doing!! -I’d like to hear about all your future successes!

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