This blog is for anybody who’s just starting their own home business and wants to learn how to make the most of it while keeping the rest of their financial life in shape.

I’m currently starting a business myself while keeping my full-time job -I like to say that I’m a JJB-. I know from experience that this can be the most rewarding and, the same time, the hardest of experiences. In order to make it a little easier, I’ve decided to create this space where we can meet to exchange ideas and support.

The basics

If you’re trying to start a business, I suppose you want to make money out of if -be it to finance your dreams, complement your salary, or give to charity.

But there’s no point in putting the extra hours it takes to get your business up and running if the rest of your financial life is in tatters. If the time you spend on the business distracts you from paying your credit card bills in time, you’ll end up with a dire credit score which, in time, will eat away any income you can make from your new venture.

Because of this, part of the blog is dedicated to learning about anything that impacts your finances -how to save money, how to invest it, how to improve your credit score and how to prepare for retirement.

The fun part

I’m hoping that at this stage you’re still enjoying working in your business. There’ll be time later on, once you’re making enough money out of it, to worry about filing tax returns and hiring employees.

The other part of the blog covers anything relating to this great new adventure in life -your start-up: how to design a website, how to get clients/visitors, or how to improve conversion rates. Specifically, I look at these issues from the point of view of somebody who has a full-time job to attend to, and therefore cannot dedicate every working hour to their new project.

The first steps of any business pose countless challenges, and while doing it while you keep your main job may take away part of the risk, it doesn’t make it any easier.

I hope we can use this blog as a place to share our frustrations and joys, and the tips that can make taking our businesses off the groud a little more manageable.

Where to go from here

So, once again, thank you for visiting my site, and welcome to my blog. I hope you’ll profit from the information you find in these pages, and I hope we can keep in touch either through this blog, Twitter, or your blog or website.

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One Response to “Welcome”

  1. Gagan Says:

    Hello there,
    I dont know who are you and whats your age and bla bla things about you.
    All i know is that you are the person who suggested me some books on yahoo answers and you wont believe but it had nurtured my interest of reading books even deeper. your blog gave me a hell lot of inspiration and see what i have done yesternight
    So thats the kind of impact it had on me.
    Hope to be in contact with your blog in future as well.
    I was in hurry to build my own blog…so published a very crappy name gagan3057 (haha).
    If you know how to change this….please mail me on gagan_3057@yahoo.com
    Thank you

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